Halloween Haunt from the Past

"Scratches on the old wooden railings, shrills and shrieks in the night, and a thick layer of fog that envelopes Ghost Town. These are the images, sights and memories that fans of Knott's Berry Farm's world famous Halloween Haunt call up year after year."

This quote openned my coverage of Halloween Haunt 2007 back in the bear-ytales.net days. Life changes and 2007 was the last Haunt I've been able to attend. However, some great pictures and fantastic memories are contained in the images of those days, images that haven't been online for a few years.

Over the next short while, I'll be revisiting my coverage of the Haunt from 2007 back to 1997 or so. Image quality will deteriorate noticeably as I go back in time, but such is the case of digital photography. Haunt is a tough monster to photograph, and when digital photography was in its infancy, the quality of images were nothing like what we have today.

That said, I thought it better to revisit what I have, no matter what the quality. Not all coverage is equal. Some years I was able to do more than others. But at the end of the day, something is better than nothing. I hope you agree.

I'll start with Halloween Haunt 2007. Other years will be posted as I get the opportunity. I hope you enjoy!

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