Knott's Independence Hall, Church of Reflections, and Picnic Areas

IndHallLeftTitleBW One of most iconic attractions at Knott’s actually sits outside the park.  Knott's Independence Hall is an exact brick-by-brick replica of the real Independence Hall.  It is synonymous with Knott’s Berry Farm even though it sits outside the park and is free to the public.  Nowadays, a full scale attraction like this would be unheard of outside of any theme park gates.  Knott’s Independence Hall opened July 4th 1996 and is a throwback to the “classic” Knott’s of yesteryear.

Knott's Independence Hall

Knott's Independence Hall

Knott's Independence Hall

Knott's Independence Hall
The wide open lawn in front of the Hall is a great place to get away from the crowds.

Knott's Independence Hall
This version of the Liberty Bell weights 2,075 lbs - only a few pounds less than the original.

Knott's Independence Hall
"A Storm In Philadelphia" is an interesting audio presentation about the creation of the Declaration of Independence.  Speakers hidden at the tables place the sound where the speaker might have been sitting.  The effect works well and the show is worth seeing.

Knott's Independence Hall
Patriotic themed items are for sale.

A rooster at Knott's Berry Farm
The roosters are not.

Knott's Lagoon
This small lagoon flows outside of the picnic areas in back of Independence Hall.  This lagoon might look familiar…it is part of the waterway that used to surround the Jungle Island play area until it closed in the early 1980s.

Knott's Independence Hall
The verse under the statue reads:

By the rude bridge that
Arched the flood.
Their flag to April’s
Breeze unfurled.
Here once the embattled
Farmers stood.
And fired the shot heard
Round the world.

From “Concord Hymn” by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Knott's Church of Reflections
The Church of Reflections was rescued from demolition in 1955 by Walter Knott.  After spending many years inside Knott's, its was moved to this location outside the park in 2003.  The church was first constructed in 1896 and was Downey First Baptist.

Knott's Church of Reflections 
The church is designated a Historic Church by The Daughters of the American Revolution.  The church was moved outside the park to make room for Silver Bullet, and now serves as a popular wedding site.  Knott's is to be commended for rebuilding the church and preserving it's place in the neighborhood.

Knott's Picnic Center
Knott's has various picnic centers ranging from day-to-day centers above...

Knott's Picnic Center areas offering fully staffed and professionally catered experiences.

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