The Calico Mine Ride

Knott's Calico Mine Ride
The Calico Mine Ride is a true Knott's classic. Designed by Bud Hurlbut, the Calico Mine Ride has been impressing guests since 1960. Meandering trains snake through its impressive facade, and roaring waterfalls. Comparisons can easily be made to Disneyland's former Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland attraction.

Knott's Calico Mine Ride (1)
A look inside the Calico Mine's beautiful stalactite caverns.

This visual masterpiece of a show scene includes one of the most memorable pieces of music in any theme park. The famous pipe organ tune that is played here is an unforgettable part of this favorite attraction!

Miners hard at work inside the Calico Glory Hole.

Knott's Calico Mine Ride (4)

Looking out over the Timber Mountain Log Ride from the upper rails of the Calico Mine.


  1. I worked the mine ride for 2 years and loved every minute of it

  2. I loved working Mine Ride myself. I miss it quite so. Sadly the creator Bud Hurlbut has passed away in January, but his attractions such as this will (hopefully) live on!