Ghost Town

Knott’s World Famous Ghost Town

GhostTownLeftTitleBW Ghost Town is the original and most famous area of Knott's.  After the popularity of the Chicken Dinner Restaurant exploded, Walter Knott thought it was necessary to give his patrons something to do while they waited their turn to eat. He wanted to build something as a tribute to the Old West and the pioneers who opened the west to the world.

 Knott's Ghost Town
Knott's Ghost Town

Knott's Ghost Town
Main Street - the heart of Ghost Town. 

Knott's Ghost Town Blacksmith  
Ghost Town still has its own Blacksmith. 

Knott's Ghost Town Blacksmith  

This is a working blacksmith shop that still makes horseshoes for the Stagecoach, in addition to making numerous items for the school tours that stop by.

Knott's Calico Square  
Looking out across Calico Square. 

Knott's Calico Railroad
Knott's Calico Railroad

 Knott's Calico Courthouse
The Calico Courthouse stage is home to year-round events, including summer activities, Christmas shows, and the always entertaining "Hanging" during Halloween Haunt.

 Knott's Calico Saloon
Calico Saloon

 Knott's Ghost Town
Visitors can still visit Sad Eye Joe, and the kids still wonder how he knows their name. 

Knott's Sad Eye Joe
Knott's Ghost Town

 Hop Wing Lee Peek-in
Many people overlook Ghost Town's peek-ins. They are a throwback to the low-key entertainment that Knott's was built on.
Hop Wing Lee Peek-in  
Hop Wing Lee’s Laundry

 Ghost Town Peek-In   

Ghost Town Barber Shop  
If I were the Barber, I’d be concerned too.

 Knott's Ghost Town
Goldie's Place

Goldie's Place Peek-In 
This is something I love about Knott’s.  This is the peek-in inside of Goldie’s Place, and offers a glimpse into theme parks of a simpler time.  You would never find ladies of the night in Ghost Town if it were built among the hyper-sensitive, politically correct craziness of today.  Good for Knott’s for keeping this intact!

 Knott's Gold Trails Hotel
The Gold Trails Hotel

 The Bottle House
The famous Bottle House 

Knott's Boothill Graveyard 
The heart still beats in Boothill.

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  1. Love the photos of Knott's Ghost Town! It was always my favorite area. Brought back some great memories!