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Knott's Geode Shop
The Geode Shop is always a fun stop.

Knott's Ghost Town

Ghost Town's Catawampus
The Catawampus lives next to the old mill in Ghost Town, and is a unique tribute to Knott's past.  Catawampus was one of the
"Wood-imals" from Jungle Island, a children's play area that used to be where Knott's picnic area is now.

Knott's Wilderness Dance Hall 
The Wilderness Dance Hall is home to special events, private parties, and currently The Doll Factory maze during Halloween Haunt.

Knott's Ghost Town Grill
Ghost Town Grill is the best restaurant in Ghost Town.  Try to get a patio seat, especially in the evening.

Knott's Pan for Gold
Pan for Gold

Knott's Famous Funnel Cake Kitchen
Except for Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner, no food is more popular at Knott's than the funnel cakes.

Knott's Ghost Town
Main Street, Ghost Town, Knott’s Berry Farm


Enjoy some pictures of Ghost Town at night…

Knott's Ghost Town Knott's Ghost Town Knott's Ghost Town
Boothill was a quiet, out of the way place at Knott’s, and one of my favorite locations in the park after dark.  This is what it looked like before Pony Express was built.

Knott's Ghost Town Knott's General Blacksmith Knott's Ghost Town Knott's Ghost Town Knott's Ghost Town Knott's Ghost Town Knott's Ghost Town


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  1. Ghost Town will forever be the true identity of Knotts Berry Farm. I love that area to death, but personaly I don't like what Cedar Fair has done to Knotts Ghost Town. I mean, the removal of the Haunted Shack (which to me was the symbol of ghost town, to play on the whole "Ghost" part for fun), and just recently, the replacement of the western music in the area. Too much of the family history at Knotts has been lost because of CF. There are times that I wish my family could buy knotts berry farm, and bring back what the Knott family started many years ago.

  2. The haunted shack was the best. When they take that treasure out, you really wonder about the vision for a park. Old stuff sets it apart. It's not Disneyland, it's not Magic Mountain.