The Boardwalk

BoardwalkLeftTitleBW "Originally themed as a gypsy camp, and later re-themed to the "Roaring 20's" and "Knott's Airfield", this area is home to most of the park's major thrill rides, such as the recently constructed Xcelerator (which replaced the failed Windjammer Surf Racers, known to be a mechanical nightmare by employees), Supreme Scream, Riptide, and Perilous Plunge. Other rides include the roller coaster Boomerang. It is also home to the Sky Cabin Tower, which once also housed the Parachute Sky Jump attraction and was, at one time, the tallest structure in Orange County. Supreme Scream is now the tallest structure in Orange County, at 312 feet in height." - Wikipedia

Knott's Roaring 20's
First, a little history.  The classic Roaring 20's sign sits on top of the old Kingdom of the Dinosaurs ride building.  Before the dinosaurs came to town, this was the location of the classic dark ride, Knott's Bear-y Tales.

Knott's Bear-y Tales Building
The building today sits mostly unused.  The attraction level has been unused since Kingdom of the Dinosaurs unceremoniously closed in 2004.  The lower level houses and arcade and Laser Tag.  Depending on the condition of the building and the costs associated with any renovation, this building would a natural location for a new dark ride.  Something fun for the entire family, tapping into the almost-lost charm of Knott’s Berry Farm’s yesteryears, would be a very welcome addition in this space.

Knott's Charelston Square Fountain
The fountain in Charleston Square.

Knott's Charles M. Schulz Theater
The Charles M. Schulz Theater, home of the famous Snoopy ice shows.

Knott's Boardwalk 
Wheeler Dealer Bumper Cars.

Knott's Xcelerator
Knott’s is home to Intamin’s first hydraulically-launched Rocket Coaster – Xcelerator.  Riders are launched to 82mph in 2.3 seconds.  Click here for more.

Knott's Boomerang
Boomerang sends riders through 3 inversions before doing it all over again…backwards.

Knott's Boardwalk
Boomerang, the Sky Tower, and Xcelerator.

Knott's Boomerang

Knott's Boomerang
Boomerang with Perilous Plunge behind.

 Knott's Perilous Plunge 
Perilous Plunge, another Intamin prototype, made its way to The Boardwalk in 2000.

Knott's Perilous Plunge
There’s a boat in there somewhere!

Knott's Perilous Plunge
Modifications over the years have reduced the splash slightly.  It no longer soaks guests on the bridge like it used to.   Plunge is incredibly popular on hot summer days, and often closed for refurbishment during the winter months.

Knott's Supreme Scream
Towering 312 feet above Knott’s, Supreme Scream is the tallest structure in Orange County.  Riders are slowly lifted 254 feet in the air, before dropping for three seconds at over 50 mph!  This faster-than-gravity plunge pulls riders out of their seat for the duration of the fall.  Riders gracefully rebound back up the tower before slowly coming to a gentle stop.  Powered by compressed air, this modern twist on the classic freefall ride opened at Knott’s in 1998.

 Knott's Boardwalk
Knott's Supreme Scream    Knott's Boardwalk
From left to right – the Sky Cabin Observation Tower, a little bit of Xcelerator, Boomerang, and Supreme Scream

Knott's Boardwalk (42)
Riptide.  A bit hit with big and little kids alike, Riptide will flip you head over heals, and probably get you soaking wet!

Knott's Riptide

Knott's Boardwalk (43)

Knott's Coasters Drive-In
Coasters Drive-In.  Home of burgers, fries, shakes, and a lot more.

Knott's Johnny Rockets
The inclusion of a major restaurant chain taking up residence inside the park was a first for Knott’s when the world’s largest Johnny Rockets opened in April of 2006.

Knott's Boardwalk
The Boardwalk can look rather nice at night…

Knott's Boomerang Knott's Supreme Scream


  1. Wasn't the Perilous Plunge recieved new, terribly bright colored boats in 2006?

  2. I believe so, yes. The boats featured a new restraint system which helped speed up the painfully slow load time.

  3. Perilous Plunge's original boats has the park's logo while the new ones don't. I wished the new boats had a logo stamped on it like the original does.

  4. Wasn't there a small restaurant before Johnny Rockets called Lindy's (that later became Sharky's)? And that prior to Coasters, there was a very large, 2-story indoor restaurant called the Airfield Eatery that renamed Captain Kelly's within a couple years and then was transformed into Airheadz when this area became the Boardwalk?