Wild Water Wilderness

WWWLeftTitleBW Wild Water Wilderness is a small area in the back of the park and features three great attractions - Mystery Lodge, Bigfoot Rapids, and Pony Express.

 Knott's Bigfoot Rapids
Bigfoot Rapids is one of the major water rides at Knott's.  It winds through a nicely wooded area and has been popular with guests since 1988.

Knott's Bigfoot Rapids  Knott's Bigfoot Rapids
Bigfoot Rapids has a nice, shaded queue that takes you over the ride and through the wilderness.

Knott's Bigfoot Rapids Knott's Bigfoot Rapids

Knott's Mystery Lodge
Mystery Lodge encourages guests to pass the rich stories of their lives down to the next generation.  It is the best show at Knott's and the special effects are amazing.  Be sure to take time out of your busy day to see it!

Knott's Mystery Lodge 
Mystery Lodge's queue is one of the nicest places at the  Farm.

Knott's Mystery Lodge Knott's Pony Express
Pony Express opened in 2008 and is Knott's newest family adventure.  Riders take on this slowly launched coaster riding horseback past Boothill, over Bigfoot Rapids, and through a winding tunnel.  Targeted to families instead of hard-core thrill seekers, Pony Express will appeal mostly to older children and those who might find major roller coasters too frightening.  Without a dizzying amount of speed or any airtime, Pony Express is one for families, not thrills.

Knott's Wild Water Wilderness
Hamburgers, hot dogs and other snacks at the Bigfoot Broiler.

Knott's Pony Express 
The finale of Pony Express sends riders through this tunnel.  Not only is a tunnel a fun end to the ride, but it pulls double duty is a noise barrier to protect the neighboring residents.  This part of Pony Express sits at the western edge of the park, and in this case, neighboring homes are less than 100 yards away.

Knott's Wild Water Wilderness

The Western Entrance is open during the most crowded days when Knott’s opens their auxiliary parking lots.  Usually reserved for the summer season and holiday periods, this gate brings you into Wild Water Wilderness, not Ghost Town.  If you’re new to Knott’s and you enter through this gate, take note of its location.  When I worked long summer nights at the main exit/re-entry gate, I had more than a few guests come to me looking for “the other entrance”.  None were too pleased to learn they had to walk all the way to the back of the park.

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