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I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the status of this great little blog, which started off as The Knott’s Berry Farm Information Center in the mid 1990s. At the time it was the first internet fan site to solely cover Knott’s Berry Farm, and one of the first theme park fan sites, period. Some years later it became, and then moved into the hands of for a while, before coming back as As life took me away from the computer more and more, I was looking for a quicker and cheaper way to update the site. Thus was born.

It’s no secret that this can no longer be considered an active site. I have a wonderful wife and daughter, and we are looking forward to our first son. Work and family life has drastically reduced my internet time (not to mention theme park visits), so priorities have moved away from my online world. I still lurk on fan sites and marvel at the efforts that their staff goes through in order to bring weekly updates to you all. I did that for a long time and loved doing it, but I can no longer support that sort of effort (and I'm really glad I don't have to ride DCA's Fun Wheel every single week, week after week, after week, after week). My hats off to them for keeping the fire burning!

There is a lot of good stuff to see here at Bear-ytales, and I have no intention of taking this blog down. I’m proud of the pictures I’ve taken over the years, and how I’ve represented the Farm. There are many more pictures in my archives that I hope to repost in the future. I’m glad that these photos and stories have a place online, and thanks to search engines and the constant thirst for knowledge, the pictures will be seen by new eyes for years to come.

I will pick at this blog from time to time, but regular updates are long over. It’s been a great hobby, but family life has called for a while now, and I’m more than happy to answer.


May your funnel cakes be warm and your berry punch ice cold,



  1. Thanks for all that you have done! I've enjoyed the trips down memory lane that you've helped provide and am glad that the site will remain operational if not active.

    I too have a family now and they should never take a back seat to anything. Maybe you can transfer your reverence of Knott's to your kids, have them form their own memories, and they can carry on your work in the decades to come!

    Tom K

    1. Hi, Tom.
      You're very welcome. I can't wait until my kids are old enough to learn about the history of Knott's and listen to stories of how things used to be. I hope it will help them to appreciate the Farm of today and the future.