Knott's Icon Bud Hurlbut Dies

It is with great sorrow that I report on the passing of Knott's historical ride designer, Bud Hurlbut. I think back to the time when I worked at Knott’s in the mid to late 1990s. I saw first hand now the Log Ride and Mine Train made a day at Knott’s something special for the guests. Young and old would line up to ride them, as they appealed to kids and adults of all ages. Even in these days of digital entertainment and complex themed attractions, the simple scenery in both rides are classic and timeless gifts that will never be outdated.

I never met Bud Hurlbut, but having known people who knew Bud, and owing a big part of my love for the theme park industry to his work, it’s easy to know what a talented and unique individual he was. Without Bud’s vision for quality themed entertainment, the industry we love so much might look totally different today.

May Bud's impact always be felt at that little berry farm in Buena Park.

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