Knott’s Berry Farm to Open 300ft tall WindSeeker in 2011.

Windseeker (3) Hang on tight and don’t look down!  Knott’s Berry Farm announced it’s latest attraction for 2011 – WindSeeker.

WindSeeker will feature 32, 2-person gondolas that will ascend to a height of 301 feet. Once it has reached the top of the tower, WindSeeker will spread it’s metal arms swinging riders for a 60 second flight at a 45 degree angle at a speed of 8 rotations per minute.

“Due to the long airtime, riders will experience a spectacular sense of weightlessness. This, combined with the fact that riders legs will be unrestrained, will create a sense of exhilaration which will enhance the feeling of free flight,” said Knott’s General Manager, Marty Keithley.

WindSeeker will be located at the current site of Knott’s Sky Cabin. Groundbreaking for WindSeeker is scheduled for fall of 2010 with completion expected by summer 2011.

Windseeker (2) Windseeker (1)

On a personal note, I welcome this addition to the Farm, even though it means loosing the iconic Sky Cabin Observation Tower.  WindSeeker will retain the giant “K” at the top of the attraction, which is a huge plus for me.  I fondly remember many trips on the 91 freeway and looking over at Knott’s to see the giant “K” lighting up the Buena Park skyline.  It will be great to see that again; and even higher this time.

Knott’s is a landlocked park, probably more so than any of the other major theme parks in southern California.  This means that in order to open something new, something old has to be removed.  As much as I hate to see the loss of the Sky Cabin, it really hasn’t been the same since the Parachute Sky Jump was removed.  The Sky Cabin had been in operation since 1976 and was looking every bit its 34 years.  Replacing it with WindSeeker is a natural choice; one that will add life to that area of the Boardwalk and retain a striking visual icon for Knott’s.


  1. R.I.P. Sky're truly one of the best attractions ever made...


    Way to ruin such a beloved attraction...

  2. Kelly,
    I'm scratching my head over this one. The Sky Cabin was "one of the best attractions ever made"? Really?

    And WindSeeker is hardly ruining the attraction. Age, lack up upkeep, and lack of clicks through the turnstiles started its decline years ago.

  3. i'll miss the sky cabin. lots of memories. i've always liked observation towers. when our family had passes, my 4 yr. old daughter called the ride,"up and down". we loved it.