Knott’s Replacing Sky Cabin in 2011?

Rumors are flying around the internet that the attraction shown at left, a Mondial Wind Seeker may be Knott’s new attraction for 2011. The attraction, which swings riders at heights of 300-400 feet, depending on the model used, could be built in the spot current occupied by the aging Sky Cabin Observation Tower. ParkWorldOnline discusses the attraction and discusses the rumors they’ve heard from pretty reliable sources that Knott’s and other parks in the Cedar Fair chain will be getting this attraction. Even Knott’s official Facebook page makes a strong hint in this direction.

So why would Knott’s replace the iconic Sky Cabin? If they decide to go this route, I’d say it’s time. The Sky Cabin hasn’t been the same since the Parachute Sky Jump was removed a number of years ago, and if you’ve ridden the Sky Cabin lately, it’s easy to see how un-kept it has become in recent years. The windows are permanently smudged, and the interior of the cabin itself is really showing its age. Compared to the much nicer observation tower down the freeway at Sea World San Diego, it’s not too difficult to see why Knott’s may want to exchange one icon with another. We’ll soon find out what they’re up to, but until then, hold on tight…Knott’s next ride could have you soaring with the eagles.

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