Construction of Disneyland’s Fantasmic!

Part 5
Fantasmic! Construction
By April of 1992 it was just a matter of finishing touches.
Fantasmic! Construction Fantasmic! Construction Fantasmic! Construction Fantasmic! Construction
This picture was taken a day or two before the first cast member previews in May. The Island has reopened, and guests were allowed out front for the first time.
I have countless memories of watching Fantasmic over the years. The show is a visual and technical masterpiece, and it is easy to understand why it is still so popular. More than 20 years have passed since Maleficent first set the river on fire, and thousands of people still pack the river banks each show. Major technical upgrades over the last few years, and a spectacular new dragon in 2009 have kept the show fresh and relevant. But 20+ years later the core show is essentially unchanged.
Congratulations to the Disneyland Resort and Disneyland Entertainment department for the detailed care and continual quality you've put into Fantasmic! all these years.  Here's to another 20!

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