“Knott’s Preserved”

Bear-ytales.blogpsot.com is very pleased to announce the launch of Knott'sPreserved.com, the new website by Christopher Merritt, author of the upcoming book "Knott's Preserved" due out in June 2010.  Still in its infancy, Knott'sPreserved.com will be a showcase of historical video and audio as well as pictures that didn't make it into the book.  Chris shares,

"I only have had time to put up some basic informational pages, along with about 5 sections showcasing photos and other media (Paul von Klieben, Christmas in Ghost Town, the Haunted Shack, the Calico Mine Ride & Knott's Bear-y Tales). I will be adding more as time allows, but for now, I hope that is interesting and whets your appetite for more. I also will have a blog, which I will also be updating as time allows. The first entry tells you the background on how this project came to be - I have been working on this in some fashion since the early 1990s! This is the page to bookmark and check on every so often to learn what is going on with the book."

"Lastly, when you do look at the pages with photos on them, be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. At the bottom, I am trying to include excerpts from many of the interviews I have done over the years, and some of the recordings in my collection. Some of the pages make take some time to load - as I didn't want to make the images and videos even smaller than they already are. So - I would recommend a high speed connection if possible. If not, be patient. It will load eventually."

There is simply not enough historical information about Knott's available on the internet.  It looks like Chris is going to change all of that!  Bear-ytales.blogspot.com is pleased to endorse this exciting project and can't wait to read "Knott's Preserved" this Spring!

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